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It is learned from the industry that due to the price increase of raw materials such as petroleum coke needle coke pitch, the price of graphite electrodes began..... View More>>
Graphite Electrode Market Trend In November 2020
The graphite electrode industry is still at a loss. If the raw material market maintains the current trend, graphite electrode companies may adjust their prices in order to reduce their losses... View More>>
Graphite Electrode Price Trends In October 2020
At the end of October 2020, the Chinese domestic market prices of ordinary power graphite electrodes and high-power graphite electrodes are ralatively stable..... View More>>
The needle coke market remained stable; The graphite electrode market has warmed up recently, and companies have better expectations for the later market..... View More>>
Graphite Electrode Price Trends In The Middle Of September 2020 (9.11-9.17)
This week (2020.9.11-9.17) China's domestic graphite electrodes were generally stable after a slight price.. ... View More>>
China's Graphite Electrodes And Needle Coke Import And Export Data Released In August 2020
According to customs data, China’s graphite electrode export volume was 27,800 tons in August 2020, an increase of 37.56% ..... View More>>
Through the market feedback, on Monday (7th Sep, 2020), some graphite electrode manufacturers began to increase product prices, while other manufacturers seemed relatively indifferent. However, since Thursday, market prices have generally risen.... View More>>
In September, the graphite electrode(GE) market continued its weak and stable trend in the early stage, the transaction activity remain the same as previous.... View More>>
In the second half of August 2020, the demand for the supply of graphite electrode shipped in October and November appeared, but given the uncertainty of the steel market prospects, there were still few transactions.... View More>>
Turkeys Graphite Electrode Imports Post Big Decline in 2020
Turkey's Graphite Electrode Imports Post Big Decline in 2020... View More>>
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