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The scope of power rationing after Chinese National holiday has expanded, and the price of electrodes continue to rise...... View More>>
After the Chinese National Day, the market prices of petroleum coke, needle coke, and graphite electrodes have risen..... View More>>
Raw material prices continue to rise, the graphite electrode market has been stabilized..... View More>>
Graphite electrode monthly review: Downstream demand was weak in August, graphite electrode market trends are divergent... View More>>
China domestic graphite electrode market quotations are quite different this week..... View More>>
Multiple factors are intertwined, and the graphite electrode market is in a bottoming stage in July...... View More>>
Graphite electrode prices hold stable in July..... View More>>
According to customs statistics, China’s graphite electrode exports in June 2021 were 36,100 tons...... View More>>
Graphite Electrode Market Is Waiting to Rise at a High Level... View More>>
From January to May of 2021, China's graphite electrode market output has shown steady growth..... View More>>
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