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Graphite Electrode Weekly Review: Graphite Electrode Price Trend in August

Market aspect

Beginning in early August, some large scale manufacturers and some new electrode manufacturers have caused a backlog of inventories due to poor early shipments, and they have begun to sell goods at low prices in the market. Many manufacturers have begun to sell products at low prices due to the recent strong raw material prices. Graphitization prices continue to rise. Considering the cost, they are reluctant to sell at a low price and are willing to stand up for the price. As a result, market prices have diverged. For electrodes of the same specification, the price difference between different manufacturers can reach 2000-3000 yuan/ton, making the mainstream price of UHP graphite electrode market a slight correction this week, and the prices of RP and HP graphite electrodes are relatively stable.

As of August 19, the mainstream price of UHP450mm graphite electrodes with 30% needle coke content on the market is 18,000--18,500 yuan/ton, and the mainstream price of UHP600mm specifications is 22,000-24,000 yuan/ton, a decrease of 1500-2000 yuan from last weekend. The price of UHP700mm is maintained at 28000-30000 yuan/ton.

Raw materials

Domestic petroleum coke prices were basically stable this week, needle coke quotations continued to be stable, and downstream electrode customers were not willing to purchase. As of this Thursday, the mainstream prices of domestic coal-based and oil-based products market are 8000-11,000 yuan/ton.

Steel plant aspect

Domestic demand was poor this week, and steel prices generally showed a fluctuating downward trend, with an average decline of around 80 yuan/ton. Scrap steel fell more and rose less, and both the cost and profit of electric furnace steel plants fell. In July, the average daily output of crude steel, pig iron and steel products in my country was 2,799,700 tons, 2,350,000 tons, and 3.5806 million tons, respectively, down 10.53%, 6.97%, and 11.02% from June.

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