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About Us

SHANCHUN Carbon is a Chinese distributor of graphite electrodes, baked carbon anodes, and custom graphite products. SHANCHUN, based in Hebei China, is an enterprise owned by SaTraD Group, who are the most value raw material and lifecycle partner for the steel and metallurgy industry.

Situated in a region of growing manufacturing capacity, SHANCHUN is able to supply the widest range of standard & custom graphite electrodes. The graphite electrodes with preset nipples (3TPI & 4TPI) we specialize are available in high power, super high power and ultra high power grade, which are widely used in electric arc furnaces & ladle furnaces for steel making.

The graphite electrode plant in Henan has a capacity of 60kt/a, while the medium plant in Hebei can produce 30kt/a. Both the graphite electrode plants have world class processing capabilities to produce products of the highest quality. Both plants adhere to strict international safety and environmental standards and have been accepted widely across the world.

About Us

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