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The company's equipment is compared.Not only can improve production efficiency.

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We can develop products according to customer needs and customize products independently.

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We can provide customers with one-to-one customized services and professional after-sales

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Our company is a team with a first-class team and a lot of research and development technology.

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Shanchun Graphite & Carbon Co.,  Ltd ranks among the top supplier of graphite electrodes in China and the leading distributor of baked carbon anodes and graphite products. The electrodes plant located in Henan province has a capacity of 60,000 mt a year.

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Latest News

13 2020-09
Graphite Electrode Market Turmoil In Domestic China
Through the market feedback, on Monday (7th Sep, 2020), some graphite electrode manufacturers began to increase product prices, while other manufacturers seemed relatively indifferent. However, since Thursday, market prices have generally risen.
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05 2020-09
Latest Trends You Need to Know For Graphite Electrode in September 2020
In September, the graphite electrode(GE) market continued its weak and stable trend in the early stage, the transaction activity remain the same as previous.
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05 2020-09
Facts On Graphite Electrode Consumption in Russia
In the second half of August 2020, the demand for the supply of graphite electrode shipped in October and November appeared, but given the uncertainty of the steel market prospects, there were still few transactions.
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27 2020-08
Turkeys Graphite Electrode Imports Post Big Decline in 2020
Turkey's Graphite Electrode Imports Post Big Decline in 2020
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