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Graphite Electrode Price Increased in April 2021

April graphite electrode price is upward. Affected by the demand and the supply, the first ladder production enterprise is generally adjust the GE price.The price of this graphite electrode is mainly affected by the following factors:

1. The high-power supply of the graphite electrode market continues to be tightened, and the price of graphite electrode accelerates upward.

2. The price of raw materials in the graphite electrode is high, the graphite electrode cost is continued under pressure, and the willingness of price increasing for enterprises is obvious.

3, Inner Mongolia, "energy consumption dual-control", implements limit measures, leading to The graphite processing cost up, the graphite electrode cost is increased.
4. The profit support of the downstream steel mills in the graphite electrode is active, and the procurement of graphite electrode is better.And because the supply of the graphite electrode is tight, the steel mills have a certain difficulty. In the short term, the market demand in the graphite electrode is maintained.

5. The export inquiry order and transaction of the graphite electrode market is increased, and the overseas customers are procurement for stock.

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