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Graphite Electrode Price Trend in April 2021

Monthly review: wait-and-see status in April, graphite electrode quotes continue to rise


Affected by the power efficiency dual-control policy of Iner Mongolia area and Gansu area, in January-March, the graphitization process has a serious bottleneck. Until in mid-April, the local graphitization started, but the production capacity release is only 50-70%. It is well known that the Inner Mongolia area is concentrated in China's graphitization. The amount of finished product is still affected, and at the same time, the price of graphitization has increased, 3000-4000 yuan/ton. In April, the mainstream electrode manufacturers have repeatedly raised products in the early days of April and in the middle of April, The third and fourth lading team, slowly followed, although the actual transaction price also has a discount, but the gap has shrunk.


From the traders feedback, it is affected by the EU's anti-dumping adjustment. The recent amount of overseas purchases is large, but many still in negotiation, the order time has not yet been determined, it is expected that domestic export volume will have significant growth in 4-5 months. As of April 29th, the UHP450mm(30% needle coke content) price in the market is 19500-20000 yuan/ton, up 300 yuan/ton from last week, the mainstream price of UHP600mm is 25000-27000 yuan/ton, up 1500 yuan/ton, the price of UHP700MM is maintained at 30000-32000 yuan/ton.

Raw material

In April, the price of raw materials has risen. The domestic needle coke focus prices remain stable. At present, domestic coal and oil base coke prices mainstream offer 8500-11000 yuan /ton.

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