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Graphite Electrodes Prices During Chinese New Year 2021

 According to the information from the Financial Associated Press, the impact of the covid-19 pandemic in Hebei Province China is superimposed near the Spring Festival(12th,Feb.2021). Most graphite electrode factories are currently suspended, transportation vehicles are also under strict control, and local graphite electrodes cannot be traded normally. The prices of ordinary and high-power products in the Chinese domestic graphite electrode market continue to rise. The mainstream price of UHP450mm with 30% needle coke content in the market is reported to be 15-15.5 thousand yuan/ton, and the mainstream price of UHP600mm is reported to be 18.5-19.5 thousand yuan/ton, an increase. It ranges from 500-2000 yuan/ton.

Graphite electrode manufacturers in some parts of Shanxi Province reported that it is difficult to ship to the north. If the epidemic does not improve significantly after the Spring Festival, it is expected to face a shortage of raw materials after the holiday. It is reported that the supply of graphite electrode manufacturers is tight, and some mainstream manufacturers have already ordered their supplies in February. Graphite electrodes (especially high-power graphite electrodes) are expected to usher in a supply-demand resonance driven by environmentally-friendly production restrictions on the supply side and the penetration rate of electric furnace steel on the demand side.

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