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Graphite Electrode Price Trends In October 2020

At the end of October 2020, the Chinese domestic market prices of ordinary power graphite electrodes and high-power graphite electrodes are operating stably. The mainstream market price of φ300-φ500 ordinary power graphite electrodes and high-power graphite have been steadily increasing. However, due to the influence of supply and demand and the production cycle of graphite electrodes, the current graphite electrode is still stable, and some companies have raised their quotations by RMB 500/ton. , The follow-up still has a relatively strong trends of increase.

In terms of raw materials: the mainstream quotations of the petroleum coke market have been continuously raised this week, but some companies are out of stock or mainly deal with the original price; in the medium temperature asphalt market, the price is stable, the transaction is average, and there is a subsequent price increase trend.

The harsh environment of the needle coke industry makes it difficult to sustain a sound business development. Although needle coke companies save energy and reduce consumption in many ways, they are under pressure from a substantial increase in costs and their incomes are very severe. The company has decided to take action on November 2020- The sales price of needle coke increased.

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