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Graphite Electrode Price Trends In The Middle Of September 2020 (9.11-9.17)

Graphite electrode market transactions are getting better in the week (2020.9.11-9.17) China's domestic graphite electrodes were generally stable after a slight price increase last week.


Starting from the end of August, overseas orders began to recover, but they are far from returning to the level before the epidemic. Domestic graphite electrode companies have reported that inquiries have started to increase recently, and some have begun to book contracts for December, mainly from the Middle East and Russia. In the first half of this year, Russian steel production fell by less than 5%, so demand was relatively stable. However, the European market, which previously accounted for about half of domestic exports, saw steel production drop by nearly 20% this year, and demand was sluggish.

With the increasing export volume, the domestic graphite electrode market is expected to maintain a steady and upward trend in the near future. As of September 17, the mainstream price of UHP450mm with 30% needle coke content on the market is about 1.28-13.8 million yuan/ton, the mainstream price of UHP600mm is 16,000-17,000 yuan/ton, and the UHP700mm specification is 22,000-24,000 yuan/ton. .

Raw materials

The domestic raw material market prices continue to rise this week. The price of 1#A petroleum coke in Fushun Petrochemical is currently at 1,800 yuan/ton, and the price of low-sulfur calcined coke is at 2900-3100 yuan/ton, an increase of 100-150 yuan/ton.

This week, the domestic needle coke market prices have risen steadily, and the mainstream domestic coal-based and oil-based product market prices are 4500-6000 yuan/ton. 

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