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Latest Trends You Need to Know For Graphite Electrode in September 2020

In September, the graphite electrode(GE) market continued its weak and stable trend in the early stage, the transaction activity remain the same as previous. The GE producers were in normal production, but most of them did not reach full production. Currently, it is understood that the ex-mill VAT price of RP graphite electrode 200mm is about 10,000 yuan/ton. 

During the first week of Sep, the scrap offers increased knowing from most suppliers, the electric furnace steel market is actively in production, the prices of raw materials continue to rise, and the downstream stainless steel market is on the rise. However, the domestic circulation is limited and the electrode market is oversupply, making it difficult for prices to rise.

In terms of raw materials, the price of petroleum coke has risen significantly, and the market is active; the price of coal tar pitch is weak, the downstream demand is limited, and the market supply is sufficient; the market for needle coke is underperforming, enterprises are under-operating, and the market outlook is bearish.

In the short-term, the electrode market demand will rise limited, manufacturers have insufficient confidence in the market outlook, and the price adjustment intention is not high. It is expected that the short-term electrode market will remain stable and the price will be weak and stable. In the long run, the price of petroleum coke has risen significantly in recent months. Under the pressure of raw material costs, electrode prices may increase in the later period.

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