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Chinese demestic market: The latest price of graphite electrodes

Recently, the price of graphite electrodes has remained stable, the market transactions have been average, and the production enthusiasm of enterprises is not high. The overall market is sluggish and prices are difficult to rise.

In terms of raw materials, the price of petroleum coke is strong, the market is active, and the refinery is more active in production; the price of coal tar pitch is weak, deep processing companies are damaged, and downstream companies purchase on demand; the needle coke market is weak and the price is low , Most companies maintain fixed customer orders.

At present, the electrode market is limited in operation, and the utilization rate of enterprise production capacity is not high. Most enterprises set production based on sales, and the overall market is weak.

Shan Chun's point of view: In the short term, the supply and demand of the electrode market is weak, and it is difficult for prices to rise, but the inventory has been reduced.The price of electrodes is expected to remain stable in the short term.

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