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Graphite Electrodes Price in August 2020

The price trend of graphite electrodes has been stable recently. Some manufacturers said that downstream demand has recovered and they are expected to increase electrode prices in a small range. It is currently understood that the ex-factory tax-included price of ultra-high-power graphite electrodes 500mm is around 15,000 yuan/ton. The current market inventory is decreasing, and the price is stable.

On the raw material side, the price of petroleum coke has steadily increased, but the prices of needle coke and coal pitch are weak.
In terms of demand, the demand for electric furnace steel is relatively stable and concentrated on small and medium-sized electrodes. The export market is still weak, and the enthusiasm for the production of large-sized electrodes is low.

In terms of steel mills: Recently, most steel mills have delivered good shipments, and steel mills said that inventory pressure has decreased, but prices of raw materials such as iron ore have continued to rise, and steel mills have faced greater cost pressure. Due to the weak import and export market this year, some steel mills are targeting high-quality steel products, and steel mills are more active in production.

Shanchun's view: In the short term, the supply and demand pattern in China's domestic market is relatively stable, and the export status is difficult to change. Electrode prices are mainly stable. 

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